"I am often asked what hand and cosmetic surgery have in common, as the two are seemingly unrelated. For me, the answer is the similar mindset required for both: operative accuracy and finesse, respect for delicate anatomy and often a touch of artistry. Regardless of the exact nature of the problem all tissues, from an eyelid to a wrist bone, should be handled with precision and elegance."

The team

“I am fortunate to work very closely with a group of recognised experts and dedicated individuals from many domains of medicine – anaesthetists, orthopaedic surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, dermatologists, hand therapists, and many others. A multi-disciplinary approach is required in many aspects of modern clinical care. I am a member of the skin cancer and wrist multi-disciplinary teams, which meet regularly to analyse and advise on the most appropriate treatments for patients with complex problems, both within the NHS and in private healthcare.”


Anaesthesia for all of Sonja’s patients is provided by the highly experienced NHS Consultant Anaesthetists. They will ensure your utmost safety during the surgical procedure. They are all proficient in administering regional anaesthesia if and when required for patients undergoing hand surgery.


Various type of investigations might be required before establishing a right diagnosis – ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), bone scans, isotope studies etc. It is very important that imaging performed for your particular condition is interpreted by true experts in related field of medicine. For example, for patients with various hand and wrist problems radiologist with expertise in musculo-skeletal pathology can pick up subtle changes, not always so obvious clinically and directly influence clinical decision and management.

Specialist hand therapists

All physiotherapists who look after Sonja’s patients with hand and wrist problems are experienced hand therapists who focus their practices almost exclusively on the hand and occupational therapy. Their dedication to often very lengthy recovery is essential for the long term improvement, but all of those around me have excellent track record in motivating patients to achieve excellent goals.


Nerve conduction studies might be necessary for patients suffering from peripheral nerve compressions in the upper limb. Such tests assess conduction of the electrical impulses travelling along the nerves. Specialist expertise is required not only to conduct the test as easily as posssible, but also interpret the data accurately and help us make correct diagnosis.


Arabella Burwood is most likely to be your first point of contact. Arabella works tirelessly, aiming to ensure that your scheduling for clinics and treatments is as trouble-free as possible.


All appointments, correspondence and enquiries are handled through the Practice Manager: Arabella Burwood

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