Split Earlobe Repair

Partially or completely split ear lobes are relatively common deformities.

Years of wearing heavy earrings can leave you with droopy earlobes and/or elongated earring holes (partial splitting). Sometimes the splits are complete and stretch to the very bottom of the lobule. Deformities can rarely comprise of several splits as shown in Picture 1.

Split earlobes are most likely due to trauma. Rarely, the inferior edge of elongated holes simply fail under the weight of earrings worn for a long time. Deformity can be very unsightly.

Requests for correction are usually twofold: improve cosmesis and re-establish normal holes which can serve their purpose again. Occasionally, patients are so fed up with abnormal appearance of the lobule, that they specifically request complete closure of the splits at the time of corrective surgery.

Pending exact individual wishes, either can be done: immediate reconstruction of the new functional hole (like shown on the picture 2 whereby blue sutures act as a temporary earring maintaining the hole at the top until healing is complete), or complete obliteration (closure) of all existing split hole. Precision is paramount and very fine sutures are used.


Generally, surgical correction is a straightforward procedure that can be done under local anesthesia in outpatient’s theatre.

The operation involves removal of the split tract of skin, and repair of its edges precisely to achieve the best shape and contour.

Wounds heal within 2 weeks. Scar will typically fade significantly over the subsequent 4-6 months, and the scar is often barely noticeable once fully healed and matured.

Re piercing can be done in six to eight weeks.

      Split Earlobe Repair


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