Sonja is a registered provider with all major UK insurance companies and will also see self-funding patients.


Whether or not you decide to undergo the recommended procedure, a consultation fee is charged for the initial consultation. Patients considering aesthetic surgery and those who are self-funding for their treatment with ongoing concerns before operation will not be charged for a second consultation.

Sonja is a registered provider with all major UK insurance companies. She is a fee assured provider with BUPA and AXA.

Patients holding an insurance policy

If you have private healthcare insurance please make an effort to obtain a referral letter from your GP and authorisation from your insurer before the consultation, if at all possible. This is not absolutely essential, streamlines the process significantly and helps you avoid the risk of being invoiced personally and/or encountering problems with your insurance later. In the event that you receive treatment and your insurer refuses to pay for it, you will be liable for the charges incurred. For urgent and acute referrals, an appointment with me might be arranged ahead of receiving the paperwork, but do inform your insurer of the need for prompt administrative processing.

The insurance company will be invoiced for the initial and follow-up consultations directly. Very often additional investigations and interventions (such as steroid injections) might be required in the clinic, so please check with your company the details of your policy. If you have no restrictions with your cover, it is unlikely that you will be involved in financial dealings between my billing company (Hythehopes Limited) and your insurer at all.

If you require a minor procedure in outpatients, separate authorisation will be required in advance. We will instruct you on the exact codes for your procedure, so that you can give your insurer enough notice while awaiting surgery.

Billing for the practice is handled by Hythehopes Limited, medical and billing solutions specialists. You or your insurance company will therefore receive invoices from them. In case of any queries do not hesitate to contact them via email collections@hythehopes.co.uk or phone 01702 382 362.

Self-funding patients

Patients who are planning to self-pay for their treatment must ensure sufficient funds are available to support their intention. The costs in private healthcare quickly add up, often resulting in considerable fees. We fully understand this and therefore try to keep the costs of your treatment to a minimum, offering competitive fees for services and avoiding all but essential additional interventions and investigations. In most hospitals you will be charged for the treatment in advance.

Prior to your operation you are likely to be charged only for the initial consultation. Additional consultations are free and often welcome, so please just let my secretary know if you have queries or concerns and would like to attend Sonja’s clinic once more prior to surgery . All cosmetic patients are seen at least twice prior to surgery with no charges for the second consultation.

The cost of operative treatment varies depending on your exact condition and to some extent, varies between local hospitals. Sonja’s fees are usually within packaged prices established by the hospitals. Those are reviewed on a regular basis and are kept competitive. Package prices normally include the surgeon’s, anesthetist’s and hospital fees. Sonja’s personal assistant will be able to advise you on exact costs, adjusted if needed, for individual circumstances. The fee for surgery includes most of early postoperative follow-up, when the wound is checked, cleaned and sutures removed if necessary. Package prices for minor procedures should include surgical and hospital (theatre) fees. If tissue is sent for a patho-histological examination an additional fee for pathology is incurred. We will advise you in advance on these costs.

Except for the simplest interventions, most outcomes, including final scar appearance, require more conclusive assessment several weeks, if not months, after surgery. Follow-up appointments are only recommended when deemed helpful and their cost is kept to a minimum.



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