The initial consultation is by far the most important part of your treatment. It is an opportunity to meet in person and develop a healthy rapport based on honesty, good communication and mutual trust. You might think that intervention is all that matters, underestimating the importance of us meeting prior to it. But consultation is the crux of personalized medical care, when all important decisions are made.

Many conditions might appear similar in different people but as everyone’s circumstances are different, so the optimal treatment will vary from one person to another. This is why careful listening and detailed clinical examination during each consultation makes every one uniquely important.

Sonja will always spend adequate time on understanding your concerns, expectations and needs. Rushed consultations are unhelpful. If some consultations require more time than expected, this may lead to delays in clinic, but please be patient – your own consultation will be given all the time needed.

Patients inquiring about cosmetic surgery should ideally attend clinic at least twice prior to actual surgery. This has always been Sonja’s practice, and is likely to be upheld by a forthcoming publication from the General Medical Council giving guidance on such ethical and professional practice. You will not be charged for a second consultation. The delay between two appointments allows you to think through all the information provided first time (and there is usually a lot to take on board) and to make an informed, unhurried decision.