"I am often asked what hand and cosmetic surgery have in common, as the two are seemingly unrelated. For me, the answer is the similar mindset required for both: operative accuracy and finesse, respect for delicate anatomy and often a touch of artistry. Regardless of the exact nature of the problem all tissues, from an eyelid to a wrist bone, should be handled with precision and elegance."

Current practice

Sonja’s current practice comprises aesthetic, hand and wrist and general plastic surgery. Her clinical interests and skills have matured during a long and comprehensive training in all aspects of plastic and reconstructive surgery and through work with inspiring clinicians in reputable units.

In addition to clinical duties she is actively involved in training younger colleagues, teaching, collecting data for audits, presenting at national and international meetings, and in the management of NHS services.

Aesthetic surgery

Sonja combines conventional surgical and non-surgical aesthetic techniques to offer patients an impartial opinion and treatment options that best suit their needs.

The last two decades have brought significant changes in the world of cosmetic surgery. Most patients are aware of the introduction of non-surgical aesthetics, especially synthetic injectables like botulinum toxin (botox) and dermal fillers. These technical innovations have led to remarkable, almost revolutionary changes in cosmetic practices.

Having trained as a surgeon for years to master the benefits of conventional aesthetic surgery, Sonja has also adopted new techniques. She has learned how to use surgical and non-surgical aesthetics to complement one another. This allows her to offer patients non-biased opinion and treatment options which she believes would suit their needs best.

  • Line correcting injectables (botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid-based fillers)
  • Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) – using botulinum toxin injections for armpits, hands and feet
  • Face rejuvenating surgery (upper and lower eyelids, facelift, necklift)
  • Ear surgery – prominent ears and split earlobe correction
  • Breast surgery (augmentation, reduction, uplift, correction of breast asymmetry, inverted nipple repair)
  • Gynaecomastia correction (male breast reduction)
  • Body contouring surgery (tummy tuck, arm reduction, tight lift, liposculpture).

More detailed information on specific conditions and the implications of their treatment are provided in the handouts under Procedures.

Hand and wrist surgery

Sonja’s practice spans a truly broad spectrum of hand and wrist surgery from microsurgical repair of soft tissue to wrist joint arthroscopy and reconstruction.

Hand injuries have always been an important part of her work and continue to be so. In the later part of her training she also acquired expertise in the management of wrist disorders. As a Consultant who works in one of the largest teaching hospitals in Europe, with a very busy regional hand unit, Sonja regularly manages difficult clinical problems. She often says that over the years, a challenging, high-risk operations, like revision and salvage surgery, which may daunt many surgeons, have started to inspire her most. She is not afraid to tackle “impossible” conditions as long as there is a hint of hope to succeed against all odds and her patient understands the risks involved. Many patients that she treates on a daily basis present with a limb-threatening infection or injury, while some problems are complex enough to require multi-disciplinary input, provided in ‘combined’ clinics with several specialists. 

Below are few examples of the commonest conditions seen in her clinics or admitted during her on calls:

  • Hand trauma – nerve and tendon lacerations; joint and ligament repairs; hand fractures; infections and amputations
  • Wrist trauma – scaphoid fractures and non-unions, perilunate and other wrist dislocations, scapho-lunate and TFCC injuries, post-traumatic wrist arthritis (SLAC and SNAC deformities) and other acute wrist injuries with the exception of the distal radius fractures and malunions
  • Non-traumatic conditions – carpal and cubital tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, trigger finger, delayed tendon reconstructions, nerve grafting, Dupuytren’s disease, wrist pain, arthritis, Kienbock’s disease, wrist instabilities.

More detailed information on specific conditions and the implications of their treatment are provided in the handouts under Procedures.

General plastic surgery

Sonja has over 25 years of experience in dealing with skin problems such as skin lesions, healing wound problems and scar management.

“For me, like all plastic surgeons, skin is a sacred organ. It is to be respected during surgery with gentle surgical techniques, scarred reluctantly and nurtured during healing”.

She treats:

  • Skin lesions – moles, keratoses, cysts, warts, pre-cancerous changes, skin cancers, etc.
  • Soft tissue problems – skin shortages (contractures) or defects requiring soft tissue reconstruction with grafts and flaps
  • Chronic wounds and healing problems – slow healing wounds, ulcers, pressure sores, chronic infections
  • Scar management – unsightly scar revision, hypertrophic scars, keloids

More detailed information on specific conditions and the implications of their treatment are provided in the handouts under Procedures.

Sonja is a core member of the Epsom and St Helier NHS Trust Skin Cancer multi-disciplinary team which meets on a regular basis and ensures adequate treatment for patients with diagnosed skin cancers. She does not perform advanced procedures for patients with malignant melanomas, such as sentinel node biopsies, regional lymph node clearances, isolated limb perfusions and so on. She works closely with local experts in those fields to whom she refers patients for further care promptly as and when required.


All appointments, correspondence and enquiries are handled through the Practice Manager: Arabella Burwood

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